JT "While Taking a Breath"

May 19, 2016

This film is the “After the Rain" version of JT's "Hito Iki Tsukinagara" (While Taking a Breath) series. The lyrical artwork was illustrated by manga artist Kyou Machiko. The vocals are by Sekaikan Ozaki of Creep Hype, a band known for their sensitive lyrics and vocal stylings. Syn arranged and recorded the music that beautifully supports Ozakis voice.

  • Client: Japan Tobacco Inc.
  • Agency: DENTSU INC.
  • Syn: Arrangement
  • Director: Junko Morita
  • Film production: 株式会社 サン・アド
  • Artist: Sekaikan Ozaki
  • Title: While Taking a Breath
  • Syn producer: Ritz Hiraga
  • Arranger: Chris Chu (POP ETC)